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Tired of following all the conventional rules of marketing? Convinced there’s a better way? There is. Let me show you.

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O.A.Q. (Occasionally Asked Questions)

Who am I?

My name is Mario M. Parisé. I was born in 1984, which either makes me really old or really young, depending on your perspective. I've been involved in marketing in some capacity or another since 1999, excluding some teen years when I built websites just for fun.

Fun fact: My first website was for the illegal distribution of Nintendo ROMs and Emulators back in 1996-97. My second website was for my terrible punk bank, Stagnant, which doubled as a description of our fan base.

In the intervening years, I've spent my career at the intersection of marketing and technology. I've worked at several agencies, which allowed me to work with mega-brands like Coca-Cola, TD Bank, the Hudson Bay Company, and CCM Sports. I've also worked in-house at a few medium-size brands, mainly Science North and Legend Boats.

Today, I work at Legend by day, and moonlight as a freelance marketer and copywriter.

How does the content here get created?

Unless otherwise noted, such as in an interview, all content is written by me, Mario Parisé, author of Insurgent Marketing. But what about A.I.? Are any of the articles A.I. generated? I talk about it often enough, right?

I make extensive use of A.I., such as ChatGPT, for research and for editing. You’ll never see an article where I’m simply regurgitating what a machine wrote for me. But I do often use A.I. to help me develop my own thinking on a topic, to look at it from new perspectives, and to help expand on my initial thoughts.

In other words, I treat A.I. as a junior copywriter on my staff. It helps me to get things done faster and more thoroughly than if I did it purely on my own, but I never ever trust it to speak on my behalf.

Why Does Insurgent Marketing Exist? What am I trying to accomplish?

This newsletter and the book that inspired it exist for one reason and one reason only: To make me rich!

Just kidding. They exist in order to help underdog entrepreneurs and marketers get an edge over their competition.

I've always had an affinity for underdogs, and I'm a big believer that business can be one of the most powerful forces in the fucking world for social change. It's my hope that something I've written inspires a business to do something that positively impacts their bottom line, their quality of life, and their contributions to their community.

That's all. Just a humble little economic revolution.

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Mario M. Parisé is an insurgent marketer operating in the nickel production capital of the world, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada with over 20 years of marketing experience.